As Türk Tuborg, we demonstrate our societal sensitivity through our volunteering activities. The purpose of the activities of our “Volunteers” team composed of company employees is to be aware of our environment and fulfill all our tasks from the heart.

We do not avoid taking responsibility for our duties to our society and maintain a smiling face no matter what the conditions are. We believe in team work because we know best that united we stand, divided we fall.

We have raised awareness towards organ and blood donation needs.

We watched the documentary “A New Life” directed by Tuluhan Tekelioğlu during our Organ Donation event. We tried to see the perspective of people waiting for organ donations and organ transplantation doctors. You may access this documentary online if you wish to get informed about organ donation!

Every one of our valuable colleagues who participated in the Blood Donation event, supported saving 3 lives each.

We aimed to reach from Izmir to Kars based on our manifest…

We delivered the books and toys we collected for the students of a school in Karahan Village of Kars thanks to the support of all our colleagues and gave them a beautiful report card gift.
When we first visited students in Kars, we had noticed that they dreamt of riding bicycles so we had started a campaign to make this dream come true. We realized our target of buying 75 bicycles with the support of our valuable colleagues. Every student in Karahan village now has their own bicycle thanks to this campaign!
We ran with Wings for Life!

We said “We will run for those who can’t” to support the social responsibility project carried out by Wings for Life Foundation and ran for people with spinal cord injuries together with many participants from 6 continents and 33 countries.

We supported Soma!

We delivered books and toys to Soma with the help of our employees.

A little contribution from us...

Foundations and entrepreneurs we support through contributions of our employees and our company:

Bir Dilek Tut (Make a Wish) Foundation: We have made 3 dreams come true, thanks to our collaboration.

Foundation for Children with Down’s syndrome: We provided 128 special training sets thanks to the support of our employees.

Women of Yırca: We helped female entrepreneurs of Yırca to reach their target of buying a house in order to use as a workroom during a charity event where they sold soaps and candles they hand made.